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Orbitcaders Orbitmatrix Series 7 Board PHP Script

Vers: 1.0  

SERIES 7 BOARD is an e-gold enabled forced matrix script and allows the admin/owner to configure the desired widths and depths of the website. There are no payments (either auto or manual) to be processed or managed by the admin as all transactions are paid from one member to another instantly through egold. The best part about the BOARD is that the payments are done upfront on the first page of the website. UNIQUE FEATURES OF SERIES 7 BOARD : 1. Referrer always stay on the bottom of the display board irregardless of how many referring he/she makes 2. After referred, he will gradually move up from the referee`s prospective but still remain as the last one in his own board 3. If user signs up and when there is no referral - it will go back to last person of the default 5 beginning members (which will all be webmaster`s accounts)

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169 249.99 Aug 28, 2006   Linux, Php, MySql 
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