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ICMLM - MLM software script

Vers: 1.0  

ICMLM Script is a multi-level marketing software with 5 types of bonuses, binary tree (2 legs) organization, weekly commissions calculation and auto-shipping orders.

Participants Ranks:
Dealer - Rank after registration
Bronze Dealer - To become a bronze dealer at least 500 bv needs to purchased.
Silver Dealer - To become a bronze dealer at least 1000 bv needs to purchased, and 1 bronze dealer is required.
Gold Dealer - 2 Sliver dealers are reuired.
Supervisor - 2 golds dealers are required.

There are 5 types of commissions:

BV (Bonus Value):
This is the bonus value that is set for each product, when purchasing products and making orders the more bv is collected.

Team Bonus:
Compares the bv of each one of the legs and then if the weeker leg is over 250 he will get a % according to his rank.

Silver : 10%
Gold, Director, Master, Grand master : 15%
Qualification : minimum 500BV on each group.
Maximun : $ 10,000

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