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Web Poll - Dynamic Online Web Polls

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Web Poll is a new interacive online poll service that allows you to quickly and easily create a multiple-choice polling question and then publish it to your website. It takes 3 easy steps to have an online web poll on your site once you have opened an account with Web Poll�:
- Open Web Poll account.
- Chose some of the Web Poll� styles or order a new custom made one.
- Fill in Web Poll� creation form to create polling question and all the answers.
- Preview your new web poll and follow the instruction to put it on your site.
- Enjoy your new poll and collect your visitors opinions about your site and business.
Why should you pay "mothly" or "per daily views" fees when you can have this online web poll for a one life-time fee. You have access to all the new Web Poll� updates and skins that we do. Never pay a dime for a new update or skin for our online web poll.

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