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Syndikut - Rate & Review v1

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Syndikut Rate & Review (R&R) is a unique multiple rate and review PHP script using a flat file database. NO SQL required!
R&R is very simple to use and, unlike most rating systems, extremely versatile.

End User:

* Simple rating system easy to use.
* IP Logging to prevent cheating and to enable IP Banning.
* Captcha code to prevent auto submitting (can be enabled or disabled)
* Review Field allowing visitors to post review (can be enabled or disabled)
* Active display of total ratings cast & the average rating.
* Active display of total approved reveiws for each rating
* Multiple rate & review systems per page.
* Multiple display options available for each rating. (see demo instructions)
* Automatic RSS feeds of reviews visitors can subscribe to. (can be enabled or disabled)
* Review previews displays a preview of reviews posted.


* Secure admin control panel
* View Active ratings
* View Reviews
* Edit Reviews allowing you as admin to add some HTML entries
* Preview Review
* Reset IP logs
* Reset ratings
* Delete ratings
* Delete reviews
* Search option for ratings and reviews
* Sort ratings by Rating ID, Rating Tag, Rating & Votes
* Full detailed usage instructions guide and help file built into admin CP
* Ban/Unban IP Address
* Search option for Banned IPs
* Language file for future translation.
* Option to reset IP logs in a given time, allowing visitors to rate again.
* Swear Filter for reviews
* Auto Approve Review option (Based on swear filter)
* PHP installation information (Used for trouble shooting)
* You can have as many rate and review systems on a page as you wish.
* Ratings can easily be carried over to other web pages.
* You can choose to display EACH rating horizontally or vertically.
* You can choose to display a rating in a drop down list.
* You can choose to display the current rating only.
* You can choose to display the rating values or not for EACH rating.
* You can choose what style of stars to display for EACH rating.
* You can choose to display the review field or not.
* You can choose to force visitors to leave a review or just allow them to rate.
* You can easily add your own star packs.
* Rate & Review stats for visitors to browse including:
* Rating Stats:
* - Most Popular Rated
* - Least Popular Rated
* - Most Votes
* - Least Votes
* - Highest Rated
* - Lowest Rated
* Review Stats:
* - Most Recent Reviews
* - Visitor Reviews

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