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CF Polling

Vers: 0.93  

CF Polling v0.93 script
A easy-to-use polling script,requires no configuration and works with flat file database. Website polls are a easy way to get feedback from your site visitors.

Look & Feel
It\'s easy to change the look of the poll by using CSS, below you will see some examples of different looks.

Time Limit
You can set the number days you would like your poll to run for.
New 0.92 You can now set the date you would like the poll to end.

One Vote
One of the options available is the ability to enable one vote per IP, meaning when you\'re users vote their IP address is saved to prevent multiple voting.
New 0.93 Now the script can use cookies as well as the IP address logging to help prevent multiple votes by people with dynamic IP\'s address.

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0 GPL Jan 15, 2011   WEB 
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