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gCards - PHP-based eCard system

Vers: 1.43  

gCards is a free PHP-based eCard system that is easy to setup and use. gCards simple Administration Console allows the administrator to upload images (JPEGs of GIFs), add eCard categories, and modify existing settings - no more messing with HTML or PHP to get your eCard site up and running!
- JPEG and GIF image support;
- User-defined categories;
- WYSIWYG editor for composing eCards (IE 5.5+);
- Add smilies to eCards;
- Multiple recipients;
- Multiple lanuage support via language files (only English provided);
- Database access via ADODB library - tested with MySQL;
- Mails URL to recipients to pickup eCard - no messy HTML mail;
- Sender can be notified when recipient picks up eCard (optional);
- Automatic deletion of old eCards (configurable and optional);
- Secure Administration Console;
- Easy setup and configuration - get up and running in 10 minutes!

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