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Flash Greeting Card Maker

Vers: 2.6.4  

Send JPG greeting cards to your friends with this Flash MX card designer. Includes dozens of advanced drawing controls, and is highly customizable!
NEW: FlashCard PDF Generator! This add-on allows you to create PDFs instead of JPGs, and is sold separately from FlashCard.
Advanced installation wizard checks your server environment to ensure that FlashCard can be used, and notifies you of any conflicts or errors.
During installation, you can choose how users should access FlashCard: either directly without requiring registration, or by registering their login before use. In addition, you can choose from two available skins, multiple different languages, and several other options. Additional language support can be added easily by adding more XML file translations.
Fully configurable preloader, without any programming. Just set a few XML options in the configuration XML file (which you can do with any standard text editor).
Option to require users to register a login before creating a card. This allows many different people to use the same FlashCard system, all keeping their created cards separate.
Option to use SMTP e-mail to send cards. You must have access to an SMTP server, of course. This option is set during installation.
All text strings within FlashCard are fully configurable via an external "strings.xml" file. There is no need to edit any Flash files to change the interface text. The XML files can be edited using any standard text editor, like Notepad or Textpad.
E-mail template is fully configurable via an HTML template file.
100% of the Flash 2004 Pro. source code is included, with all .fla, .as, and project files. Thus, if you can`t find a way to do it in the XML configuration files, you can also try direct editing of the Flash source code (requires the Flash 2004 Pro. authoring environment).

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