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sendcard - e-card generator

Vers: 3.2.3  

Sendcard is a multi-database (It currently supports 9 different databases!) e-card generator written in PHP. Suitable for large or small sites, it is very easy to setup. There is now no need to edit any text files - all installation is done online.. What could be easier?
Some of sendcard`s features:
- Adminstration console:
  * Configuration interface,
  * Statistics module,
  * Plugin control panel,
  * Automatic database table creation;
- JPEG/ GIF/ PNG/Java/Flash/Quicktime support in cards;
- different templates for different cards (if required)
- PHP in the templates
- Emoticons (if required)
- Comprehensive documentation
- Automatic deletion of old cards
- Multiple recipients
- Smart template system
- Optional music
- Optional background and font colour
- Optional selection of font face
- Delayed sending of cards
- Easily Extensible using built-in plugin architecture

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1562 Free (GPL) Feb 13, 2005   linux, windows 
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