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Flash Business Card and Postcard Designer

Vers: 1.0.2  

This business card and postcard designer sports over a dozen design options, including alignment, color, text decoration, shapes, embedded images, and many more. Few design wizards exist with such a large array of design options.

PDF Preview of the e-card allows users to see the front and back of the business card or postcard (front is the first page of the PDF document, back is the second page). PROOF text ensures that your design is protected.

Change the z-order of objects on the design interface. Options include send to front, send to back, send backward (one level only), send forward (one level only).

Zoom in or out using the zoom combo box, and change the background color of the design wizard. The dotted line around the image is the bounding box, which makes it easier for users to ensure a consistent margin around their business card or postcard design.

Change the dimensions, horizontal or vertical layout, width and height using the controls in the bottom left corner.

Over a dozen custom fonts to choose from. More can be added easily.

Image gallery feature allows you to easily browse the available images. These images can be used as embedded images or as background images.

Advanced gallery editor makes it easy to add more images, change images, delete images, and also manage your image categories. Please note that only non-progressive JPG images are permitted.

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