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View the Earth from any of several mapping interfa

Vers: 1.1.0  

FlashMaps covers the entire globe. View maps of nearly every country. Brazil shown here with the Google RoadMap overlay.

A powerful compass feature allows you to freely rotate any map, and move the map incrementally in North, South, East, or West directions.

Instantly re-center onto any common location. Type in the name of any city, state, country, zip, or common place name and instantly re-center the map onto (assuming the text can be found in the map provider database). Latitude and Longitude coordinates instantly update.

Choose from among 6 map views. More may be added in later versions of FlashMaps.

Zoom control permits viewing levels from the smallest map detail all the way out to "whole earth" view. Control the zooming incrementally, or via a slider.

100% of the Flash 8 source code is included on purchase. The free version of this script does not include any Flash source code. Integrate FlashMaps into your existing Flash project, or modify it to suit your needs (requires knowledge of Actionscript programming).

Set the default longitude and latitude coordinates in an XML configuration file, which is loaded at run-time when the SWF loads. You may also specify which components are enabled by changing true/false values in the XML file.

Set font properties in the external XML configuration file (font size, color, and name), and change any interface string. This feature permits you to quickly and easily translate the FlashMaps XML file to other languages.

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