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Softbiz Pay Per Click Search Engine

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A feature-enrich Script for your web site. You can run your own Pay Per Click search engine with this script. This script has a VERY high earning potential.
Members can signup to add there site to your search engine. They can define keywords relevant to their web site and the price they are ready to pay for each visitor they get through your search engine.
Administrator can put a restriction to disallow bids below a certain amount. Admin can also define different web site categories. Members can then add their sites to these category and define the bid for their listings in each category.
When visitors seach for sites or browse to a certain category they see the list of all relevant sites. When they click on any of these site, you earn amount equal to the bid for that site.
Script supports extensive stats in members area as well as the site admin panel.
Script comes with a very powerful admin panel.

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682 $69 Feb 2, 2005   Unix, Linux 
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