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Syndikut - Keyword Catcher v1

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Syndikut Keyword Catcher v1 (KWC) catches keywords or phrases used on popular search engines, which direct visitors to your website.
Syndikut Keyword Catcher is a flat file php script so no SQL required!
If a visitor enters a search term or phrase at a search engine and clicks a link to your site, KWC will catch the keywords used along with the search engine and the page they entered (Landing Page).
KWC is designed to keep you up-to-date with common search terms or phrases used to find your web site, from popular search engines.You can use KWC to track and study keywords used to find your site, or even to compare used keywords with keywords you feel should be used but are not!
KWC can help search engine optimization (SEO) by enhancing the keywords and content.

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