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PHPAccess : htAccess via PHP - Security Admin Tool

Vers: 1.05  

PHPAccess allows you to easily safe a complete directory with all it`s files and subfolders of your Website against unallowed access.
* It offers an intuitive and easy-to-use user-interface that displays current information and possible actions on one page.
* PHPAccess safes every file in the directory it lays in. Not only scripts/html-pages, but also graphics, textfiles,... whatever.
* You don`t have to know anything about the complex unix-htaccess-system nor do you have to create the .htaccess- / .htpasswd-files
* PHPAccess does this job for you.
* You even don`t have to know the absolute path to your website - PHPAccess finds this information automatically.
* With PHPAccess you can add, modify and delete the users that have access to your data.
* All you have to do is upload the PHPAccess-file, give it the correct file-permissions (via ftp-proggie) and start PHPAccess in your web-browser.

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1284 Free GPL Jul 27, 2005   Linux, Unix, Windows 
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