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Online Server Status

Vers: 1.4  

This free php script checks server status through any web browser. The script is called through a standard <img> tag, and can be used to check multiple web pages, web servers or domains. When the script finds that the server is active, an active image will appear on the status page. If the server is down, the script will display a disconnected image. Several `live` and `dead` server images are included in the download.
Version 1.2 updated to allow users to check ports other than the default `80`. View the read me file to learn how.
Key Features:
- Check the status of any server.
- Query an infinite number of servers.
- Easily add more domains or pages to be checked by your status page.
- Check the realtime status of web servers or individual web pages.
- Use it on website gateway pages to show which of your mirror sites are active.

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