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X Scripts -Dating site

Vers: 1.0  

* Convenient site statistics.
* Options for search-engine optimization, including meta tags and URL-rewriting.
* Add multiple administrators, and specify super users.
* Dozens of global configuration options, easily accessible and changeable within the admin panel.
* Advanced Flash-based image editor for your members.
* Affiliates system with administrator controls and statistics.
* Advanced, web-based banner management. Specify start and end dates for which banners should be displayed.
* Powerful extended search option. Search for profiles using any of a dozen search criteria.
* A built-in, Flash instant messenger is availabe to your members so that they can send notes to other users who are online.
* In/out box is available to your members, so that they can easily communicate with others. This is like a built-in mail client.
* Upon login, members have available to them a member panel, where they can quickly access, forum, and other useful tools.
* Allow members to quickly upgrade their membership, and compare features among various membership levels, using this membership comparison chart.
* The site administrator can easily specify the priviledges for any membership type, and even create new membership types or delete existing ones.
* My Matches feature allows any member to instantly view other users who match their search preferences.
* All pages and news items can be easily changed using a WYSIWYG editor (HTMLArea) via the admin panel.
* Advanced newsletter feature allows the site administrator to send messages out to any group of members.
* Multiple payment methods are available, and fully configurable via the admin panel.
* Create instant polls for your users, which are displayed within the osDate template. Find out what your users really think about online romance!
* The admin panel includes advanced profile management. Activate or deactivate any profile, edit profile details, sort by name/gender/status, and much more!
* Thumbnail display options exist for profile searches. Members can see a quick summary of their searches, and paginate through potentially hundreds of pages of profiles.
* Simple and advanced search options. Search by country, city, zip/postal code, status, or height. More advanced search options are on the way!
* Quickly and easily edit any section question, re-order questions, add new questions, enable/disable questions, etc. In short, you can make fully configure the profile wizard for new users all from the administration panel.
* *FlashChat Not Included. The dating script has the ability to integrate FlashChat

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