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Refericious - Track refers to your site

Vers: 1.0  

Refericious is a PHP script which tracks all the sites that refers to your site. It keeps a log on where people come from, which page on your site it links to, how many times people have been referred to your site from another site, and last time somebody was referred from there! Everything is in just one file, and the installation is simple.
Online admin panel.
Logs hits, urls and dates.
Sort by the number of hits, the date or the url.
Cookies is set so you will only have to re-login once a year.
Just one small file is all you need!
Choose how many referrers you`d like to show on each page.
Valid XHTML strict
Include headers and footers above and below the referrers.
And more!

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1053 Free Feb 2, 2005   Unix 
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