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Find Keyword Position

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Wordpress plugin - KeywordPosition finder Tool

Keywordposition finder is useful to find your keywordposition in the search engines using api as well as screen scrapping. We released this tool as wordpress plug-in also. This plug-in version will allow the registered users to save the details (i-e URL, keywords,search engine selection), and they can load any already saved details easily . They can store multiple set of details. This feature will save lot of time for the SEO executives.

Find below the Key Features/Facts

This application is useful to find your site position in Search Engines(Google,Yahoo,Bing) based on your provided keyword.
You can find multiple keyword positions at that instant from all three search engines(google,Yahoo,bing).
You may save your results as pdf.
If you are registered as wordpress user you can save your keywords which is you want to check the keyword position often.
You can load those saved keywords by selecting from the dropdownlist.

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